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Umbrian Comuni - Comune di Foligno

Province Perugia
Frazioni Belfiore, Cancelli, Capodacqua, Carpello, Case Vecchie, Casenove, Cassignano, Cave, Colfiorito, Colle San Lorenzo, Colle Scandolaro, Collelungo, Corvia, Fiamenga, Fondi, Forcatura, Leggiana, Maceratola, Morro, Padule di Colfiorito, Pale, Perticani, Pieve Fanonica, Pisenti, Pistia di Colfiorito, Ponte San Lucia, Pontecentesimo, Popolo, Rasiglia, San Giovanni Profiamma, Sant'Eraclio, Sassovivo, Scandolaro, Scopoli, Sostino, Uppello, Verchiano, Vescia-Scanzano, Volperino
Population 52,300
Post code 06034
STD code 0742
Comune Piazza della Repubblica, 10, Foligno
Telephone 0039 0742 3301
Fax 0039 0742 357349

Foligno is vying for the status of 'third city' of Umbria (after Terni and Perugia). Despite its heady urban ambitions, it still seems like a modest-sized market town where everyone seems to know everyone else even if it is only at acquaintance level.

The river Topino flows through the centre of town and this forms a pleasant walk except during the winter and spring when meltwater from the nearby mountains causes water levels to rise dramatically.

Foligno is well-served internally by frequent and cheap buses which provide a good, regular service to the city and surrounding villages. Foligno is also at the junction of two main railway lines - the east coast route to Ancona, Rimini and San Marino and the North-South line between Florence, Perugia and Rome. The railway station is conveniently located in the centre of the city.

There is a superstrada from Perugia to Foligno and another from Foligno to Terni (and from there by autostrada to Rome) and a new superstrada is nearly completed which will run from Foligno north past Valtopina and Nocera Umbra before joining up with the existing superstrada which heads off through the mountains to Ancona.

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