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Umbrian Comuni - Comune di Valtopina

Province Perugia
Frazioni Giove, Sasso
Population 1,300
Post code 06030
STD code 0742
Comune Via Gorizia, Valtopina
Telephone 0039 0742 74625
Fax 0039 0742 74146

Valtopina is a small village just to the north of Foligno in the north east corner of Umbria. As its name suggests, it is in the valley of the river Topino which flows from its source just north of Valtopina down through Foligno.

The main road now bypasses the village (on concrete stilts) and looks set to be upgraded to a superstrada in the near future (much of the same road between Foligno and Ancona on the coast is already motorway).

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Valtopina is sandwiched between two high-sided hills - the famous Monte Subasio and the almost equally high Colle Budino (Pudding Hill) on the other. Our new house is near the top of the latter.

There is a railway station in Valtopina on the line which runs from Foligno to Ancona but it is a single track line and only a few trains a day actually stop there.

The main claim to fame seems to be the annual Truffle Fair which is held over several days and is extremely popular with Umbrians.

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