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Italian Driving Test

If we let you loose on the Italian roads would it be a case of a super strada or an auto stop?

Take our fun test to see how you would cope with driving in Italy

Try out the following questions and then click the button to see how your answers compared with real life.


The normal side of the carriageway to drive on is:

  1. The left

  2. The right

  3. The side which has the most space on


When should you use your indicators?

  1. Just before you turn left or right off of the road you are on

  2. Never, as the use of indicators displays a definite intention to deviate from the current course and such a definite statement could be held against you in the event of an accident

  3. As hazard lights to indicate that your vehicle has broken down or you have had to stop on the carriageway itself


The mirror is there to:

  1. Make sure you look your best at all times
  2. Keep an eye on other drivers who might be considering overtaking you
  3. Help you to drive more safely

4. There is an elderly person on the zebra crossing just ahead. What is their official status?
  1. They are an obstacle - to be avoided if possible
  2. They have no status and should vacate the crossing as long as you sound your horn and rev your engine to forewarn them
  3. They have right of way and you should slow down or stop until they have completely cleared your half of the carriageway


Jeremy Clarkson once said that Italian motorways have what in them to 'Make them more interesting'?

  1. Potholes

  2. Invisible lane markings

  3. Bends

6. What is the maximum speed limit on a motorway?
  1. There isn't one
  2. It depends on the road conditions
  3. At least 10kph faster than you were going if you get stopped


When is it safe to overtake a slower-moving vehicle?

  1. When you can see clearly in both directions and the road instructions and conditions permit

  2. On a bend or approaching a brow of a hill as any traffic coming in the opposite direction will automatically have slowed down

  3. As soon as you get stuck behind one

8. Under which of the following conditions is it safe to take both hands off of the steering wheel?
  1. To gesticulate to a passenger or someone on the end of a phone call
  2. To comb hair, apply make up or adjust ones attire
  3. When the car is stationery and the handbrake is on.

9. When joining a motorway or other major road from a slip road, what should you take care to do?
  1. Find a gap in the traffic, indicate and move into a space, accelerating to match the other traffic's speed as quickly as you can
  2. Kiss your St Christopher and swerve onto the main carriageway as quickly as you can
  3. Flash your lights and sound your horn if possible to warn others of your impending change of course

10. What is the minimum distance you should keep between your vehicle and the one in front?
  1. Less than one car's length otherwise you will lose your place
  2. It depends on the road conditions but roughly 1.5 times the distance you could stop the car in if you had to
  3. About 1 metre otherwise the car in front will not be able to get the full benefit of you flashing your headlamps at them


8 to 10 - No salami
I'd be very pleased to be your passenger but I fear we'd never get past the first roundabout. You have not yet 'unlearnt' that which you need to forget.

5 to 7 - Cappuccino
You still have much to learn about the Italian idea of what driving is all about however you are beginning to get the right idea. Improve your skills by trying to make a few calls on your mobile while reverse parking in a shopping precinct on a Saturday afternoon.

3 to 5 - Pizza lover!
You are nearly there. Are you surprised to learn just how much Mediterranean blood you have in your system? You have already mastered the technique of blocking out most of your 'competition' on the road - just a bit more practice and you could pass off as a native.

0 to 2 - Tira mi su!
You belong here. All you need to become a native Italian is a battered old FIAT and a couple of mobile phones - one for your spouse and one for your lover.

Italian Driving Test

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