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Italy - Honeymoon Destination

Italy - The Land Of Romance

Honeymoon in Italy - most popular European honeymoon destination according to Modern Bride

Top Ten Honeymooning Spots by Richard Rspad

When you are ready to go honeymooning, there are an overwhelming number of destination choices. To help you choose, here are the top 10 spots newlyweds choose.

Top Ten Honeymooning Spots

Sometimes, choosing honeymooning destinations can be brutal. Many couples have different interests and ideas as to what constitutes a perfect vacation. It can be difficult to compromise if a couple enjoys vastly different climates or activities. One way to choose the best place is to take a look at where others traditionally go. That way, you can look at where many other couples have decided to take their first married trip, and see if one of these spots appeals to you.

According to surveyors at Modern Bride magazine, one place stands out above all others: Hawaii. Hawaii has long been a favorite of honeymooners, especially those couples coming from the United States, as there is much to see and do in this island paradise. No passport is required for those from the US (but one is required for many other island honeymoons), and the beautiful climate and native Polynesian culture, with traditions such as luaus and hula dancers, leis and fruity drinks served in coconuts makes this an island paradise worth visiting. While Hawaii is very popular, the resorts and accommodations are geared towards offering plenty of privacy and seclusion, perfect for newlyweds.

Destination number two is a bit more of a surprise. The second top spot is the country of Italy. Italy is not the exotic sunny island that many people picture for their trip, but it is definitely a romantic place. The canals of Venice, the historical sites of Rome and the romantic village charm of Florence make Italy a perfect honeymooning spot for many couples. Additionally, you can easily visit the rest of Europe. This can be a great idea for couples who want to do different things on their trip – such as seeing historical sites and shopping the great cities of the European continent.

The remaining honeymooning destination spots are as follows:

3. Tahiti

4. Anguilla

5. Fiji

6. St. Lucia

7. Mexico

8. St. Bart's

9. Jamaica

10. France

No matter what you are looking for in a destination, whether you prefer relaxation to adventure, or seclusion to the bustle of cities, there is a place for you. A good place to start is with the locations listed above.

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Italy - Honeymoon Destination

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