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Landscape features near our house in Valtopina

Our house is situated above the valley of the river Topino through which both the main road and the railway run. It overlooks the small town of Valtopina which lies in this valley. Opposite rises the bulk of Monte Subasio, beyond which is Assisi.

As evidenced by exposed banks in the vicinity of our house, the underlying rock is limestone overlaid by sandstone and shale. In other words, it is a former sea bed raised by geological activity. There are many outcrops of limestone; also some huge rocks in the 'fossa' (gully) at the foot of the land where fissures carry rain and snow melt water in winter and spring.

Rocks and a cave in the gully - click to enlarge

Huge rocks and a small cave in the 'fossa'
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A little chamber dug into the hillside near the house contains a trickle of water which we believe is the issue of a spring from further up the hill, much reduced in volume perhaps owing to broken pipes.

The water chamber - click to enlarge

The water chamber
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Valtopina was one of the epicentres for the earthquake of 1997. The previous incarnation of the house was damaged beyond repair, and the ground still bears the scars of tremendous upheavals.

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